4 Reasons Hair Thins As We Age

everystockphoto_132520_mThere are lots of down sides to aging, but perhaps the worst, on a purely cosmetic level, is the loss of hair. It’s an aspect of our appearance that we can’t really hide or work around- it’s noticeable to just about everyone, and there’s really nothing you can do about it. While certain people luck into great genetics, and have their hair for their entire lives, most of us will experience a gradual loss of it over the decades in front of us. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why.

#4 Take Care Of Yourself

Sometimes, poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and other health factors can factor into thin hair. High fat diets can not only affect your cholesterol, but your body’s overall well being. Your skin ages faster, and that goes double for your hair, when you’re not eating healthy amounts of fruits and vegetables, as well as high-nutrient proteins like fish. Not remaining active can also have an affect on your hair, as you’re not encouraging your body to keep in it’s peak condition. The more stagnant you are, the faster your cells decay.

#3 Personal Hygiene

This ties into the next reason, which is personal upkeep. As you age, your body naturally starts burning through it’s reserves, and you need to replenish them through vitamins, water, and other supplements. Hair is one of the most delicate parts of your body, and if it isn’t getting the proper nutrients that it needs to thrive, it’s quickly going to start wearing away- in some cases even faster than other parts of your body. Hydration isn’t just important for your body to continue functioning normally, it makes a difference to your hair as well. Too little water, and your hair and skin can become tough and brittle. Too much water, and your hair can end up being limp and lifeless. As with so many things in life, it’s all a balancing act.

#2 Vitamin Deficiency

Tying into supplements, another common cause of hair loss as you age is having an iron deficiency. Taking iron supplements can help prolong how long you keep what hair you have left.

#1 Genetics

The biggest factor that usually accounts for hair loss as you age is your genetics. Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of yourself, you’re just going to end up losing your hair. If hair loss can be traced back through your family lineage, there’s usually very little you can do about it. If it’s at all possible, take care of your hair as best you can, and enjoy it while you’ve got it.

Sure, there are certain reasons attached to hair loss that are unavoidable in life, but for some, you can work now to avoid them as much as possible. Take care of yourself, and take care of your hair.

Teen Depression Might Require Medication

1028441_assorted_capsules_and_tabletsSometimes, when you are a teenager, you feel like the whole world is against you.  Your teachers, your parents, even your friends at times can all seem as if they are fighting with you for no other reason than to make you miserable.  This can sometimes lead to a funk that can be a bit tough to snap out of.  It all comes with being a teenager.  However, for some teens, this can be tougher than for others and for these teens, it may be something more than just the blues.

Is It Depression?

Teenagers are dramatic.  Any little thing can seem as if it is the end of the world and it is tough to keep them happy all the time.  Thanks to all of the changes that are going on in their bodies, this is to be expected.  However, there is a difference between typical teen angst and depression.  Typically, many teens are able to bounce back from a bad experience and are their normal selves within a day or two.  For those suffering from depression, though, they may not even need a bad experience to take them to this dark place.  Instead, they are led there and must struggle to get out.

Talk To Someone

If you feel that your teen is one of those who just can’t bounce back as easily as others, have your teen talk to someone.  Yes, they will probably resent it, but considering the stories we hear about teen suicide every day, it is worth the mild resentment.  If you take your teen to a professional who diagnoses him/her with depression, you will need medication to treat it.  Considering the high costs of these prescriptions, you may want to consider ordering your prescriptions from Canada to save on costs.

Being a parent means making sure your children are as safe as they can be.  Sometimes, this means saving them from themselves.  Do as much research on depression as you can so that you can help your teen.  Start with Wikipedia and go from there.  The more you know, the more support you can be.

Commuting to Get Your Child a Support Group

1402625_handsWhen our children are in pain, as parents, we want nothing more than to ease that pain.  Sometimes, emotional pain can be even more devastating than physical pain and when our child needs to talk to someone, but does not want to talk to his or her parents, it is time to start looking for a support group that can benefit your child.

Finding A Group

Whether it is a death in the family, chemical dependence, even violence at school, to name just a few issues, children do need to express their feelings, even if they do not realize that they need to.  Talk to teachers, local clergy (if you are religious), even state assistance hotlines, for resources in finding the right meeting, for your child.  This may take some time and some people are more comfortable with certain groups than others.  It is important that your child feel comfortable in these groups and they need to know that they are not alone.  Talking to strangers about their problems is generally easier for some children to do, because they do not have to deal with the fear of a parent’s judgment.  If you are fortunate enough to have a child who would like you to attend the group sessions with them, consider yourself lucky and do everything you can to avoid being judgmental.  If it has reached this point, your child needs your support more than anyone else and it is important that they know you are there for them.

Getting There

When we do not have a vehicle because we cannot afford one, because of bad credit, however, it makes it very tough to relieve this pain, as quickly as we would like.  Of course, there are plenty bad credit loans instant decision websites, that you could go to for a car loan, but the sometimes the interest alone is generally enough to put people into a deeper hole and this does no good, for your child.  Unless, of course, you will utilize the loan, to improve your bad credit rating,as many people have done.  Another option familiarize yourself with public transit systems and perhaps a friend with a vehicle that you can count on, so that meetings aren’t missed.

Taking your child to a support group may not be easy as a parent, but if your child needs to open up, this is a great way to help.  Everyone needs a little help now and then and our children are no different.

Piano Support Groups for Troubled Teens

674294_music_dont_stopWhen it comes to the world of therapy, most people think of physical therapy, but no one really thinks about “musical therapy, However this style of therapy can be one of the most powerful forms available, especially when it comes to teens, with behavioral issues.  Music is one of the best ways to tap into their reality.  Here’s a look at piano support groups for troubled teens.

Why It Works

There’s a lot of people out there, who are growing in numbers, that are interested in helping teens through music.  They’ve found that in group therapy sessions, using a piano to compose music offers a shared sense of accomplishment, about the music being created, which can help with teens having problems getting along with others.  These piano support groups can also help teens learn how to resolve conflicts and help them feel accepted, for who they are.  In many ways, playing the piano to create music is a metaphor for how to live, using step-by-step processes which is similar to the way life needs to be tackled.

A Step Further

You can even go one step further and enroll your troubled teen into a therapeutic music program or a class in a musical therapy program, like Utah called Lava Heights Academy of Performing Arts.  This school offers therapeutic programs for troubled teens living in Oregon, and specifically offers lessons in classical instruments, such as piano, violin, cello and other string instruments.

Music is such a gift in a myriad of ways.  What a beautiful world it can open for a troubled teen.  Maybe it will even spark an interest to continue an education, at the London Piano Institute, when reaching adulthood.

How to Help your LGBT Teen Handle Bullying?

teen1You may or may not like her music. You might not ‘get’ her outfits. But you can’t argue with her message. Lady Gaga is the latest and greatest spokesperson for teens; gay teens, bullied teens, teens with deep seated issues that don’t feel like they have anywhere else to turn. Since, however, the chances of her paying a private visit to your house are probably pretty slim, you might have to figure out how to deal with this one on your own.

You Have No Idea

Unless you’ve been there you have no idea how difficult it is for your teen to tell you they have ‘different’ feelings than they are traditionally ‘supposed’ to have. They will possibly try to hide it. If they are brave enough to come to you don’t drop the ball. This could be your one and only opportunity to actually help your child. And no, helping them doesn’t mean trying to ‘fix’ them. They are not broken. They are different. And different isn’t a crime. It’s just not the same as the status quo. Different is what makes us special. People are what they are. They were born that way.

You Don’t Have To Like It

You don’t even have to ‘get’ it because unless you have gay tendencies of your own you can’t ‘get’ it. Holy rollers telling their child that they are going to hell if they don’t change their ways only pushes them further into depression, rebellion, frustration and the truly horrible results of those feelings: Namely, drug abuse, eating disorders, running away and worst of all… suicide. Your gay, bi or transgender teen needs your support. What they don’t need is yet another person or persons condemning them. If bullying at school is already a problem that’s the last thing they need. Get it?

Finding your teen a Ft. Collins Counselor to help them deal with their feelings is a good idea. Getting a counselor to convince them that they need to change (if you can find that kind of incompetent individual with a license) is not! Your teen has enough to deal with. Don’t add to it.

Gifted, Talented and Tolerant Finding the Right Learning Environment for Your Child

1171500_3d-teacherIn our society where non-traditional families are becoming an acceptable norm, parents are often times faced with difficulty when finding a school or learning environment that will afford their child a positive educational experience.  Children should feel comfortable and accepted in their daily lives and especially in school where they spend a major part of their day.  Parents in a non-traditional family must seek out the school that will foster success for their child.  Early in a child’s life the parents are able to identify the special gifts and talents that their child possesses.  All children learn and grow differently and your school choice should be one that understands the uniqueness of each child and utilizes a curriculum that captures, explores and develops each child’s full potential.

A Model for Success

Parents who work to make learning fun for their children usually end up with a child who enjoys learning.  Early in the child’s life parents should engage them in learning activities.  Many online sites offer games, flash cards and even worksheets that parents can use to work with their child and prepare them for their formal education, preK-12.  By working with a child early, before school, parents will recognize the special skills their child has and will be able to use this to select the best possible school when the time comes.  Compass Learning works well with student and parent involvement, and is individualized allowing the child to work at their own pace.  The activities in this curriculum are engaging and challenging and are tailored to provide the best lessons for each student.  The learning goals are defined by an assessment of each child’s strengths and weaknesses and are achievable.  Being able to attain success is the motivator that works for everyone and encourages continued learning.

Follow Your Child’s Lead

When you see your child happy and enjoying learning you will know you have chosen the right curriculum model.  A learning path which delivers what your child needs will mean academic success.  When parent, teacher and child work together the outcome will result in a collaborative effort which provides the learning environment that prepares the child for the real world.

Planning A Simple Meal For Guests

1175341_outdoor_menu_boardAny time you have to get ready for a dinner party you always need to be sure that you are creating a meal that everyone is going to enjoy. If you are unsure of what all of your dinner guests will like to eat then it is in your best interest that you find something that is a simple creation that you will be able to make in a short amount of time. The first thing you need to do is figure out how many people you plan on inviting to your dinner party so that you are able to get all of the necessary ingredients.

Planning A Great Menu

The first thing you need to do is figure out what you plan on serving at your dinner party. Creating a chicken pot pie is always a great way to show your guests that you were thinking of them because a chicken pot pie is always something everyone loves. In order for you to find the perfect chicken pot pie recipe you will need to get online so that you can see all of the different options you have to choose from.


The cool thing about using the Internet when you are looking for an easy chicken pot pie recipe is you are going to find several different varieties to choose from. You always want to find a chicken pot pie recipe that is easy and quick. This will also allow you to make other things while you are waiting for your chicken pot pie to finish cooking.

When you have your dinner party you should expect all of the guests to absolutely love your easy chicken pot pie recipe. You should also make sure you remember where you got the recipe so that you are able to refer it to friends.

Is Your Family on the Same Team?

1000209_pavithreshti_yajnaOn the same team, on the same page, in the same vein of thinking; it all boils down to this: Is your entire family on board when it comes to achieving inner and outer harmony in the constitution we refer to as the family unit? If not (or even if they are) you may require a little assistance from a family counselor or a Fort Collins Therapist. Don’t be embarrassed. There is no shame in trying to keep your family from killing each other (figuratively speaking, of course).

Nobody Ever Said It Was Easy

Being a family isn’t always easy. Just like any other relationship worth having, sometimes it takes empathy, perseverance, understanding, patience, tolerance, faith, tough love and more. But family above all else, is all we have in this life (other than ourselves). You always back your family’s play (even if you pull them aside later to tell them how crazy that was!). Knowing they have the support of the family is an important part of not only a child’s psyche but even adults can benefit from the knowledge that their family believes in them. (Especially when they, themselves, don’t.)

Common Sense Rules for a Family to Live By

Some of these may seem obvious but if in reality they were, we wouldn’t have so many dysfunctional families littering the plante!

  • Never underestimate the rehabilitative powers of ‘me time’
  • That doesn’t mean that you never devote time to your spouse and kids as well however
  • Before you speak, do one very important thing—LISTEN
  • Spend quality family time
  • Take time with your significant other away from the kids, pets, in-laws and so on

Spending time together as a family is important. It’s what makes a family tick. But spending time with the love of your life and by yourself helps keep your relationship alive and helps to not lose track of the most important individual…you.

Constructing a Romantic Gazebo for the Ceremony

791867_building_materials_1Love is in the air and romance tugs at our heartstrings because wedding ceremonies are the most romantic events we attend in our lives.  Two people in love, committing their lives to each other, vowing to spend their life honoring, respecting and being faithful to their partner, a cherished event, bringing tears to many of their guest eyes.  Couples looking for the perfect place to hold their wedding ceremony and maybe their reception, if it’s small, might envision a gazebo as the perfect setting.  Gazebos are freestanding and open on all sides, they provide shelter from the rain and provide a shaded space.  Large gazebos are often used as a bandstand or shelter from the rain.  Some gazebos are simplistic but they can also be very ornamental with intricate design features.

Gazebos come in large, medium and small sizes and are most often built of wood and covered in standard roofing materials.  Waldorf construction supplies can provide all of the building plans and materials you will need to construct a gazebo, for your home garden, or if you are a builder for a gazebo in a park or public area they would be able to supply your needs.

Outdoor Retreat

Whether used in a personal space, such as your backyard or part of a park or public area space, gazebos provide a place to rest, commune with nature and enjoy the outdoors.  If you construct a gazebo in your backyard most assuredly family and friends will request to use the structure for an upcoming wedding or reception event.  If you are planning to construct a gazebo because of an upcoming wedding you might want to consider making it a permanent feature of your garden space and make the structure stronger.  Your construction supplier can help with plans, styles and design.  When you decorate your gazebo be sure to tie in the wedding theme, colors and style to set that romantic mood.  Draping soft fabrics such as organza or tulle and chiffon flowing in the wind, flowers and vines to bring the organic natural feel and soft flickering candles or tiny Christmas lights will add whimsy and elegance to your romantic gazebo wedding.  Remember the gazebo will appear in your wedding photos for many years to come, plan your theme and decorate to accentuate the feel and tone of your wedding, simple, elegant or flamboyant reflect your unique style and enjoy your special day.

Choosing an Apartment Together

1284843_piraquara_buildingLooking for an apartment can be a daunting task, trying to find one that pleases you and your spouse, roommate or other living arrangement person is even more complicated.  Everyone has their “must have” list and getting two or more people to agree on what is a necessity takes compromise on the part of all parties.  Hoboken apartment rentals offer many options that might be a workable option.  Its important for the parties that will be living in the space to discuss what things, amenities, they can live with and live without.


Must Haves


Space would be a primary concern, the square footage should be able to accommodate the lifestyle of both residents.  How many bedrooms, bathrooms and the size of the living space plus the kitchen design and amenities should all be agreed on before you begin to look at apartments.  There is no point in looking at places that you know will not work for you or your roommate.  Rental websites, rental books or catalogs and a visit to the apartment rental office will all supply you with the available space, accommodations and amenities options for the property.  You will also want to consider parking arrangements and proximity to public transportation if that is a concern, location is important also, how much of a commute to school or work is doable.  All things considered budget is the first talking point in your decision to where you will live.  Taking an honest look at what money you have to spend and agreeing on a price point will make the process less stressful.  Marrying a high end person with a budget conscious spendthrift can be difficult, but compromise and reaching a workable agreement can make living together enjoyable.  Whether its a couple or two friends choosing to live together, don’t loose yourself in the process, work to the satisfaction of all parties involved.